Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Morning Part 1(Bride's view)

It was the morning of Mary's wedding. She was sitting at her ornate vanity, reminiscing of past times with Peter. There was the time they had gone to the park. They fed the ducks, walked through the woods, ate by the pond, and talked of the future. He could empathize with her like no other guy had before. All the other guys she had dated were too busy with their male bravado, not Peter though. He was gregarious and in no ways mundane. Too many guys before had transgressed and she was always left feeling hurt. After them she decided she was done having her heart broken, so she emancipated herself from men, vowing to stay single. But Peter with his philanthropic ways won her over and changed her mind. She had never felt such felicity. She wasn't sure how she had abided the long nine months it took to plan the wedding, if she had known it would take this long to plan she would have eloped. She had even suggested it to Peter but he thought it irreverent. She looked down at her cat laying on her creme colored rug. The cat was almost feral seeing as it had been staying out all night, almost every night. Poor thing had been so languid the past couple of days, she could probably sense things were going to change. You see Peter loved animals but he was allergic to cats so Mary's cat was staying with her parents. She would miss her cat and her parents, she would still see them once in a while but it just wouldn't be the same. She looked around her room, trying to remember everything as it was right then. She walked over to her window where her passe lace curtains hung. As she reached to open the window she saw her father walking to the edge of the drive-way in his robe getting the paper. Ever since he retired he had been growing more and more indolent. It had been hard on him with no one really to talk to anymore, seeing as Mama's cognition wasn't what it used to be. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't talk to me. I closed the window and pulled the curtains and decided to go make myself coffee and start the first day of the rest of my life with Peter.

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