Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Morning Part 3(Bride's view)

Where could he be?! Peter was suppose to be at the church an hour ago. Why wasn't he here already?! Mary was pacing in the bridal room thinking of all of the possible reasons why he wasn't here yet. Maybe he was stuck in traffic, or maybe his doctor's appointment ran late. Or maybe he had just up and decided he didn't want to be married and bought a one-way plane ticket to Ireland. Yeah stuck in traffic seemed a lot more logical. "Oh Val!What am I gonna do?! Peter isn't here and we're suppose to start in thirty minutes" Valerie wrapped her arms around Mary and tried her best to console her. Not only had Valerie been the best maid of honor a girl could ask for, she had been her best friend since the third grade. There was no one she would have wanted by her side today more than her. Other than her parents and Peter of course, if he decided to make an appearance at their wedding! Valerie pulled back from Mary, wiping Mary's tears. "Don't worry about a thing! He'll show up, he's crazy about you" "Yeah you're right, he'll be here" she said. She sauntered over to the full-length mirror and started retouching her make-up. She knew she should have just let him put off that doctor's appointment until after the wedding and honeymoon. What difference would a few days make? She had just been so worried about him lately. He had been having migraines for the past couple of weeks and most recently black-outs. He had been putting it off and putting it off for way too long, and this was the only time Dr.Foreman had available before the wedding. She would rather him be late she guessed than have him put it off any longer. In came her Father. "He's here and dressed! You ready?" She turned from the mirror and took a deep breath. "Always." She walked to her Father, he kissed her forehead and lowered her veil. How stupid it was to get so worked up about that. Peter was finally here, and they were going to be just fine. As long as they had each other nothing could be that bad.

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