Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Morning Part 5(Epilogue)

18 Months Later

"Thank you" Peter said as he grabbed his coffee off the counter. He proceeded to sit down in one of the plush olive green chairs. Boy was it good to be back! This coffee shop had been one of his favorite places, so of course when he got in town this was first on his list. He opened up his laptop and logged into his Gmail. Junk mail, every bit of it. Oh well! It was a blessing to have even junk mail. Ever since his illness he had learned to treat everything as a blessing. He was told there was no hope, or so they said. He went to this support group for people dealing with terminal illnesses. The leader of it recommended him to Dr.Blankenship. At first he was leary of him, figured he was just gonna give him false hope. But he told him about this experimental treatment they were trying over in Europe, and they were only chosing a select few. He didn't have anything to lose. He was dying, he left the love of his life at the altar, what worse could happen? So he packed his bags and boarded a plane. And now 18 months after he was diagnosed he was back home, tumor free. He had been in remission for almost a year now. He had been in town for about a day. He was staying with a buddy for the time being, just until he found a place, and a job. He hadn't seen Mary yet, he doubt she wanted to see him. He never told her why he called off the wedding. He wanted more than anything to explain himself to her, to tell her he still loved her. Maybe it wasn't too late for them. Maybe someone had told her why he left.Maybe she understood. And maybe, just maybe she still loved him. He sure hoped she still did. He took one last look at his e-mails and started to gather his things. He looked up for one split second out the window and saw the back of a woman's head. Could it be? No, he was only seeing things! Oh go after her you fool! He ran out of the coffee shop and out onto the sidewalk. He searched for her face and saw her still walking forward. "Mary!" he called out. She stopped in her tracks and swiftly turned around. He felt his heart sink into his stomach. Then she realized who had called her name and looked at him as though he was dead to her. And before he knew it she was gone. He stood there almost in a trance for what seemed like forever. Now he knew there was no going back. No trying to make her understand. No spending his life with her. She was still as beautiful as ever, if not more beautiful. But the ring on her lovely hand which rested on the reason we could never be made me realize there was no going bakc. I wonder what it will will be. I hope it has her eyes.

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