Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My first blog

Hello my name is Robyn. As you've probably figured out by the title of this blog this is my first. You will soon find out that my passion is dance! I've been dancing since I was seven, and I've done pointe since I was eleven. It's always been debated whether dance is a art or a sport, and I believe that it is both. It has the grace of a art but with the endurance of a sport. I plan on being a dance teacher. I've been in a student teaching program at my dance studio for three years now and I love it! It's always just wonderful when that one kid finally gets something she or he has been working on all year! And I absolutely love the funny things the youngest classes say and do!
Well on to other things about me. I am a aunt of six. Two nephews and four nieces. The oldest will be eleven in a couple of weeks and the youngest is one. At times they drive me crazy but it's those times when my niece will sit in my lap and fall asleep or throw a fit because I forgot to make her wash her hands that I remember how much of a blessing they truly are!
Here's something else you should know about me, I'm home-schooled! I've been home-schooled all my life. I have several friends who are home-schooled but I also have some close friends who attend public school.
Something very important to know about me is that I'm a christian. My parents and I are looking for a church. We've visited a couple. Some we liked, some we didn't. I guess we just haven't found the one for us yet, but we're hopeful!
Well that's really all you need to know about me right now. I'll be blogging on things in my daily life. I hope you enjoy and tell your friends to follow me!

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