Friday, November 20, 2009

Well tonight my Mom and I watched my nieces and nephews so my brother and his wife could go out to dinner. Today is his birthday! Happy birthday brother!

Back to my nieces and nephews! When they came in they were so hyper! The youngest was asleep when she first came in but then she woke up and started jumping on the sofa. She made a slide with the pillows from the sofa. Then she jumped off the sofa tried with all her might to slide down her pillow slide.

The oldest girl told us about the Richmond ballet coming to her school. My sister-in-law said us that when she came home that day she wanted her hair in a ballet bun! She wore her hair in a bun the next day too! After she had finished talking about them coming to her school I reminded my nephews that boys do ballet also. The youngest boy wants to play football so he said that football players do ballet to help with balance and I nodded. Then his older brother in a teasing manner said that he's gonna have to do ballet when he's older and as soon as those words came out of his mouth the younger one put his head in a pillow and started crying! The poor thing was upset at the idea of having to do ballet! I tried reminding him that a lot of football players do it and it's not just a girl's sport. And of course as soon as I said it's not just a girl's sport his brother piped up and said that he thinks ballet is a girl's sport!

Everywhere I look I either see little toys they were playing with or red velvet cake crumbs! No matter how many times we remind them to not forget this or not to forget that they always forget! But ya gotta love them, no moment is quite like the other when they're around. Life would be far too boring without my nieces and nephews!

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