Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chasse Secrets Chapter 1

   "Point those feet ladies!" said Mrs.Emma over the blaring music. "Spot quicker" she shouted. The sunlight slipped through the blinds that August afternoon making the studio extremely hot. They all eyed the clock in the corner counting the minutes. Twenty minutes left, now ten, five. "That's all for today, good job girls". They all breathed a sigh of relief.
   Sophie walked over to pick up her water bottle. "Sophie, I'm still riding with you, right?". Sophie looked up to see who the voice belonged to, it was Carson. "Yeah, I just need to get my stuff together" "Oh okay, I have to talk to Mr.Lars anyway" "Are y'all going to June's party tonight?" said Meredith. "Yeah, Carson and I are going to my house to get ready for it, you wanna come with?" "Oh no, I told my Mom I'd come straight home form dance, she wants to talk, but thanks!" "Talk?" inquired Carson. "I think she's got a new guy" "Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your new daddy!" teased Sophie. "Hardy har har, thanks for the support" "Anytime". Meredith stuck her tongue out at Sophie, waved at Carson, and she was gone.
    Meredith's mom had divorced her dad when she was nine, and had never been without a guy since. It wasn't like she was a flirt or anything, in fact she was quite religious, she was just gorgeous. Men loved her, she was tall, had ocean blue eyes, and striking red hair, she was like Meredith at forty. The only difference between them was Meredith worried about everything while she hadn't a care in the world.
   Carson and Sophie picked their bags up and hurried out of the dance studio. Sophie opened the trunk and they threw their bags in. Sophie got in the driver's seat, buckled up, started the engine, and backed out.
   Sophie and Carson had been best friends since Sophie came to the studio six years ago. They were sixteen now, but Carson was two months older and never let her forget it. They were total opposites. Sophie loved everything vintage, Carson loved everything modern. Sophie was the baby of the family, Carson was the oldest. Sophie had brown hair, Carson had blond, the list went on. They did have in common the fact that they were both home-schooled. But more important than that, they could always trust each other with their secrets.
   They were just pulling into the drive when Carson exclaimed "Oh no! I can't believe I forgot!" "What? What did you forget?" "To talk to Mr.Lars, I was suppose to talk to him, but I forgot!" "Well you could always e-mail him. What did you need to talk about anyway?" "Oh just my solo" "Wait, I thought Mrs.Emma was doing your solo" "Um well she was but my mom likes Mr.Lars' choreography better" "But you hate lyrical" "Well that's what a lot of the college dance programs are looking for" "Yeah that's true. But I think all the teachers are invited tonight, so maybe you could talk to him tonight" "Oh good thinking!" "Yeah I know! Plus we all get to stare at him in his bathing suit" "Sophie!" "What?". Carson tried to act shocked but she knew she wasn't.
   Sophie opened the trunk and they pulled their bags out. Sophie locked the car and they made their way to the door. She put the key in the lock and opened the door. "Mom, I'm home" she shouted. Sophie's mom walked in, dish rag in her hand. "Hi girls, how was dance?" "It was good, exhausting, but good" said Sophie as she sat her bag down and hugged her mom. "Where's dad?" "He's doing some work in the backyard. Are y'all hungry?" "Oh no thanks Carol, we're just gonna eat at June's, but thank you" "You're welcome Carson! And tell your mom I said 'hello'" "I will".
  Sophie and Carson walked up the stairs to Sophie's room. Everyone called Sophie's mom Carol. Not Mrs.Duvall, or Mrs.Carol, or even Sophie's mom, but Carol. If it was anyone else it would have been weird, but not with Carol.
  Sophie opened her bedroom door and the girls both tossed their bags on the floor. Carson plopped down on the bed and Sophie went straight to her closet. "So I was thinking I'd wear my white cover up with my pink polka dot bikini and my pink wedges" "Yeah that sounds great" said Carson in an absentminded voice. "Or I could wear my teal sundress and my white suit" "Sure that's nice" "Or I could paint myself orange and change my name to carrot" "That's cute" "Carson!" shouted Sophie. Carson whipped her head around with a startled expression. "What? What's wrong?" "I was trying to get your opinion on my outfit but you seem completely out of it, are you okay?" "Oh yeah I'm fine, just tired. You know how draining Saturday practices can be" "Are you sure?" "Yeah totally" "Carson, I know when you're lying". Carson stood up and started pacing. "Well there is this one thing I've been meaning to tell you" "Okay, shoot!" "But you have to promise you won't tell" "Okay, I promise". Sophie slowly sat on the bed waiting for Carson to answer. "I mean this is huge, if word got out....". Carson was starting to worry Sophie. "Carson, teacup". Suddenly Carson seemed to calm down. She shut the door and walked over to the bed and sat beside Sophie. Sophie put her hand on Carson's arm and she turned toward her. "I've been seeing someone" "Who?" "Mr.Lars" "Is this like to make me not as shocked when you tell me who it really is?" "No, that's not what this is...". Sophie stood up and started to pace. "I'd be okay if you wanted to date Brian, it's been months since the break-up!" "Sophie!". She stopped dead in her tracks. "Sophie, it really is Mr.Lars" "Wow. Well how long has this been going on?" "Since the beginning of the summer" "Is that why you didn't come with me and my family to the beach?" "No, I didn't plan this, at first I just wanted to improve my dancing, and then after a few weeks we got really close, it just sorta happened" "Wow. The only thing I have from summer vacation is a tan-line, you have a secret boyfriend" "Hey what about those awesome pieces of beach glass you found?!". They both laughed. "Well am I the only one that knows?" "Yes! So you should realize how top secret this is!" "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me Mrs.Lars Hancock". Carson rolled her eyes. "You're hilarious" "I know" said Sophie, batting her eyelashes. "Come on, let's get ready". And with that Carson was up and rolling.

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