Monday, March 21, 2011

Chasse Secrets Chapter 2

         It was only a little after five when Sophie and Carson left for June's party. It was even hotter than it had been earlier, so they were both anticipating the chance to cool off in the pool.
       Sophie pulled into June's drive-way. They both got out of the car and got their purses and beach towels from the backseat. They then proceeded to the back gate, where they were greeted by June. "Hey guys! Glad you could make it" she said as she opened the gate. "Thanks for inviting us!" replied Sophie. "Well I have to put the rest of the food out, but help yourself to what's already out!" "Thanks June" said Carson and Sophie practically in unison.
     June was one of the teacher's grand-daughters. She was blond, tan, played soccer, kind, and extremely inclusive. She attended the same church as Sophie. She was friends with just about everyone at the studio, but was particularly close to her cousin Holly for obvious reasons.
    There was already a few people there. Lauren and Samantha Jones, they were sisters. Lauren was a senior, and Samantha was a sophomore. They both attended the local Catholic high school, plaid skirts and all. People liked them well enough but they were always kinda withdrawn.
   Holly Hamilton had already arrived. She was standing with her grandmother and Mrs.Emma. her dark brown hair swaying with the throw of her head as she laughed. Holly was the girl that everyone noticed. She was kind, funny, talented. Everyone could be watching her but she never noticed. She was a senior, she planned on teaching some classes at the studio this summer.
   Cassie Montgomery was pouring herself a cup of Hawaiian punch. Cassie had light blond hair and pale blue eyes, so light they appeared gray in some lights. She was your average teenager, focused on academics, boys, and most of all acceptance. She didn't want to blend into the background, but was fearful to stand out.
   And then there was Natalie Cooper and Bianca Scavo, or as most people called them The Demons. They were the kinda girls that you either looked up to, hated, or avoided like the plague. They were manipulative, two-faced, and scheming, and that was when you were on their good side.
   There was Meredith! She greeted Carson and Sophie, hugging them both, "Hey! Long time, no see!" teased Carson. Meredith tried to force a laugh but Sophie and Carson could tell something wasn't quite right. "Is everyone okay?" inquired Sophie. "Define okay" replied Meredith. "Does this have anything to do with that talk your mom wanted to have with you?" Carson asked. "Oh you could say that" said Meredith, glancing down at her hands. "Well what did she say?" questioned Carson. "Hmmm, well, my mom is getting married". They all just stood there for a moment, not really sure how to react. Then Sophie finally broke the silence. "Whoa. Congrats!" "Yeah, what she said" echoed Carson. "So, um, who's the lucky guy?" Sophie asked. Meredith licked her lips and willed the words to come. "Bianca Scavo's father" "Like 'the' Bianca Scavo?" exclaimed Carson. "That would be the one" said Meredith. "What a way to start junior year" said Sophie. "Oh yeah" chimed Meredith. "I mean I'm happy for her, I really am! But...." "You know your mom just invited a demon into your home" said Carson. "Correction, she invited the father of a demon into her home, the demon is merely a byproduct" informed Sophie. "Wow. Thanks you guys so much for helping me and not making me feel like life as I know it is over" said Meredith sarcastically. "We're so sorry Mere, we'll try to be more supportive" said Sophie. "Yeah, what can we do to help?" interjected Carson. Meredith collapsed  into a nearby chair. "Anything to make this wedding not happen" replied Meredith. "Hey we could tell Bianca's dad that you and your mom worship toenails and pour goat's urine on your cereal" chimed Sophie. "Uh first of all, ew. And second of all. Natalie and Bianca would just spread that all over Windsor Falls" "Spread what all over Windsor Falls?" We all turned around to see Cassie. "Oh apparently Meredith and her mom worship toenails and pour goat's urine on their cereal" said Carson matter-of-factly. Meredith shot Carson a look and Carson just shrugged her shoulders innocently. "Hmmm kinda sorry I asked" said Cassie. "Carson was just trying to be funny and completely failed" stated Meredith. Carson rolled her eyes. "My mom's getting married" said Meredith. "Oh cool! You must be so excited!" exclaimed Cassie. "To Bianca Scavo's father" added Meredith. "Oh. I'll put you on my prayer list". Meredith laughed, this time it wasn't forced. "So are you and Bianca going to have to share a room?" questioned Sophie. "Thankfully no" said Meredith. "Well where are you gonna be living?" Are they moving into your house or are you moving into their house?" asked Sophie. "I'm not really sure yet. Part of me doesn't want to leave my home, but then there's this other part of me that doesn't want them invading it" said Meredith. "Well whatever happens we're here for you" said Cassie. They all hugged Meredith tightly.
Soph. What do y'all think of my hat?" said Olivia. "Totally policewoman chic" teased Carson. "You know you love it" said Olivia and she spun around so we could see her from every angle. Truth was even when her jokes went completely out of hand we still loved them. "We should have known you'd make a grand entrance" said Cassie. "Is there any other kind?!" Olivia replied. "Where's Mrs. Nora?" asked Meredith. "Oh she'll be here soon, she wanted to wait for dad, so they're taking the other car" answered Olivia. "Did Ian come with you?" questioned Sophie. "Yeah, he just had to go to the bathroom" said Olivia. Ian was Olivia's twin brother. He had her almost black hair and clover green eyes, but other than that they didn't look much a like. They had lived next door to Sophie's family since she was seven.
    "Oh look! There's Mr.Lars!" exclaimed Meredith. Everyone whipped their heads to catch a glimpse of him. His corn husk hair was slightly tousled and he was still tan from the summer. "Is it just me or does he get better looking by the minute" said Olivia, breaking the awed silence. Sophie shot Carson a knowing glance, but Carson quickly looked away, pretending not to notice. "So y'all want to get something to get? I'm famished!" Olivia exclaimed. "Me too!I think June made her deviled eggs!" said Cassie. They all hurried to the food table, each grabbing a plate. This was going to be an amazing year! They were sixteen, unstoppable, fearless, and no matter what happened, like they say, tomorrow is another day.

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