Monday, April 25, 2011

Chasse Secrets Chapter 6

  Beep! Beep! Sophie had almost forgotten about her coffee until then. She hurried to the microwave. She took it out, grabbing the spoon from the counter. She put a packet of Splenda and some creamer in it and then went back to the living room to continue practicing.
  She was practicing the part where Aurora is celebrating her sixteenth birthday. She wanted to make sure she had it flawless for the next time they practiced together.
   She took a few sips of her coffee and then she turned the music back on. She was just half way into the dance when the doorbell rang. She rushed to answer it and was greeted by Olivia. "Hey! What are you doing here?" Sophie exclaimed. "Oh I was just in the neighborhood" Olivia replied. "Uh yeah, you live next door. Come in!" Sophie said, shutting and locking the door behind her. Olivia glanced down at Sophie's feet, clad in pointe shoes. "I just love your feet! I'd kill for feet like that!" Olivia gushed. "Thank you" Sophie replied, practically blushing. "I've just been practicing a little" Sophie informed her as she sat down and started to remove her pointe shoes. "On a Friday night?" Olivia remarked. "Well my parents are out of town, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to be  alone to practice" Sophie explained. "Where did they go?" Olivia questioned. "Lake Anna, it's their wedding anniversary" Sophie told her. "Oh how romantic!" Olivia exclaimed with a sentimental expression. "So what brings you here?" Sophie asked, as she put her pointe shoes away in her dance bag. "Well I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I told my mom that I was going to sleep over at your house tonight but really I'm going to meet this guy" Olivia explained at a rapid pace. Sophie let her words linger for a moment. "Why me? And why can't your mom know you're meeting a guy?" Sophie inquired. "My mom loves you! She trusts you, she thinks you're responsible. But the reason I don't want her to know about this guy is because she might not approve, plus it's more fun this way" Olivia replied. "Why wouldn't she approve?" Sophie asked, feeling somewhat tense. "Never mind why, it's not important. Just please do this for me, you're one of the few people I can trust Soph" Olivia said, trying her best to sway her. "How could you even do that? Your parents live right next door" Sophie reminded her. "Easy! I sneak out of your parents' bedroom window, seeing as it's on the other side, and they'll never be the wiser" Olivia explained. "Well what if your mom calls?" Sophie asked. "Tell her I'm in the bathroom" Olivia replied. "Oh of course! Because that always works" Sophie quipped. "That's why I brought this" Olivia said as she pulled her tape recorder out of the overnight bag. "A tape recorder?" Sophie remarked as Olivia handed it to her. "When my mom calls just turn it on" Olivia told her. She turned it on. "Hi Mom! We're watching a movie, can I call you back?" She turned it to the next one. "It's the movie with the guy from the doctors show" She turned it again. "Yeah that one" She turned it off. "What? Do you work for the CIA or something?" Sophie remarked. "Only on weekends" Olivia quipped, brushing her hair with her hand. "There should be about fifteen to seventeen different recordings on it, you should probably listen to them all before you have to use it" Olivia suggested. "Gotcha!" Sophie said. "So you'll do it?" Olivia inquired, with a pleading expression. "Oh, alright I'll do" Sophie replied, unwillingly. "Thank you so much! I owe you big time" Olivia exclaimed, hugging Sophie. "I'll remember that" Sophie said with a grin.
  Sophie walked over to pick up her coffee, taking a sip. It was already cold. "So who is this mystery guy? Anyone I know?" Sophie questioned with raised eyebrows. "Now what would be the fun in telling you that" Olivia teased. "Okay, you can have your little secret, but I'll find out sooner or later" Sophie told her. "Maybe you will, maybe you won't" Olivia remarked. "You wanna put your stuff in my room while I go heat my coffee?" Sophie asked. "Sure, thanks! But why coffee this late?" Olivia questioned. Sophie peered up at the clock on the wall. 9:49PM. "Appetite suppress-it. Plus we don't have to get up early for practice for once, so I won't have to worry that it's gonna keep me up" Sophie remarked. Olivia picked up her bags and made her way up the stairs, while Sophie sauntered into the kitchen to heat her coffee.


  Two hours had pasted when they finally saw Olivia's parents' lights turn off. They passed the time by watching some movie about this girl who witnessed a murder and to avoid the wrath of the demented killer she moved to Tennessee where she fell in love with a man from the local church who turned out to be the killer's nephew. It was quite tragic.
  "Liv!"Sophie exclaimed as she nudged Olivia. "What?" Olivia asked, slightly startled. "I think they're asleep, their lights went out" Sophie told her. Olivia turned the TV off, and went to peer out the window. "You're right! Looks like it's show time"Olivia quipped. Olivia pranced over to Sophie's full-length mirror, fixing her hair and make-up. "I should be back by three, if I'm not just give me, but don't panic" Olivia said. "Okay I won't" Sophie assured her.
  They walked over to Sophie's parents' bedroom. Olivia unlocked the window and pushed it up. "Wait,  when did you put that ladder there?" Sophie inquired. "Before I rang your doorbell" Olivia replied. "How did you even know I'd say yes?" Sophie asked, as she crossed her arms. "I didn't, but I hoped you would" Olivia said, smirking. Olivia placed one leg on the second rung of the ladder and then confidently swung the other over. "Live!" Sophie said. "Yeah Soph?" Olivia replied. "Be careful" Sophie warned her. "You worry too much, you know that?" Olivia remarked. Sophie just rolled her eyes. "I'll call you when I'm back so you can open the window, so keep your phone volume up" Olivia informed her. "Sure thing!" Sophie shot back. Olivia climbed down the ladder, waved to Sophie, and was gone.
  Sophie pulled the window down and locked it. She walked back to her room, picking up a book before she plopped down on her bed. She was only a chapter in when the phone rang. She sat her book and reached for the tape recorder. "Hello" Sophie said in her cheery telephone voice. "Hi Sophie, it's um, me, Carson" Sophie was a little stunned, she didn't know what to say. They hadn't talked since that night at the studio. "Oh" was all she could manage to say. "I just wanted to clear the air, and say I'm really sorry for how I acted toward you, you're my best and most trustworthy friend, and I don't want to let anything change that" Carson said. "I'm really glad you called, and everything that happened that night, history" Sophie replied. "That's so good to hear" Carson exclaimed. Silence. "So, did you give up the role of lilac fairy?" Sophie asked in an effort to keep the conversation going. "Well actually Natalie  backed off" Carson informed her. "You're kidding! Why?" Sophie exclaimed in shock. "She just came up to me after class the other night and said that she didn't want the role of the lilac fairy anymore and she wasn't going to tell anyone. She was acting really strange, almost anxious"  Carson told her. "Well at least she backed off" Sophie said. "I know! I was so relieved. It just makes it even more clear to me how important it is that Lars and I remain a secret" Carson remarked. "Definitely! Hey can I ask you something?" Sophie asked. "Of course!" Carson exclaimed. "Do you think Dean has been acting strange lately?" Sophie questioned. "Strange how?" Carson asked. Sophie stood up and started pacing. "I don't know, just strange" Sophie replied. "You like him don't you!" Carson said in her all knowing voice. "No! It's just the other night at dance Meredith and Cassie said he had said he was going to practice with me before class but I didn't even see him until during class" Sophie explained. "Maybe he just decided not to practice" Carson suggested. "Then why didn't anyone see him?" Sophie pondered, toying with her necklace. "Maybe he was hiding a dead body" Carson teased. They laughed. "Hey my phone is going low battery, can I call you later?" Carson asked. "Sure, talk to you later" Sophie said as she hung up the phone. She picked her book up and started where she had left off.


  8:19AM. Sophie had just woken up. She stretched her arms out in front of her, and then she picked up her phone. Two missed calls. Mom at 11:38PM ans again at 11:40PM. She pulled back the covers and placed her feet on the floor. She made her way downstairs, and that's when she remember. Olivia. She rushed up the stairs and into her parents' room. The window was closed and locked, the ladder still there. No signs of Olivia to be found. She hurried to her room and grabbed her phone. She frantically started dialing Olivia's number. Seven calls. No answer. She looked at the clock. 8:36AM. Olivia had said not to panic, but this was beyond the panic stage. Her phone rang. "Hello" she answered, trying her best to remain calm, or at least sound like it. "Hi Sophie! It's Mrs.Nora!" Sophie wished she was anywhere else but there, talking to anyone else but her, preferably Olivia. "Is Olivia up yet? I wanted to see if she could help me with the younger classes today seeing as June called in sick" Mrs.Nora explained in her friendly voice. "I'm sorry but she can't come to the phone right now" Sophie said. "Is she asleep? I never can get Olivia up when I need her to" Mrs.Nora said with a wholehearted laugh. "Um, no, that's not it" Sophie replied, her voice cracking. "Then why can't she?" Mrs.Nora inquired. Sophie took a deep breath. "I don't know where she is Mrs.Nora".

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